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Tattoo and Piercing Salon


Finally you can create tattoos and piercings pictures with only one app! We present to you your new best friend among photo editors – Tattoo and Piercing Salon! It is a unique photo studio with carefully designed stickers for pics which perfectly portray real tattoo designs and body piercing jewelry. It takes minimum effort and time to manage it, simply take a picture with your selfie camera, or insert one from the phone gallery, and add photo stickers from this salon which you find most suitable. Adjust them to the image, scale, zoom in or out, and, when you are satisfied with your photo montage, save it to the gallery, or share instantly on your favorite social networks, like Facebook, Twitter or Instagram. Create a tattoo or pierce your body virtually, show to your friends and family and watch their reactions. Check out why this special salon app is one of the top photo editing apps, download Tattoo and Piercing Salon and unleash your creativity!☞ Photo editor free download for smartphones and tablets!☞ Your personal salon, highly efficient and completely free of charge!☞ A large number of piercing ideas and fake tattoos for pics!☞ Take a selfie or upload one of your old photographs!☞ Add one tattoo sticker or more!☞ Paste some body piercing stickers as well!☞ Scale, zoom in, zoom out, rotate, adjust the stickers to your image!☞ Save your creation to the gallery!☞ Share instantly on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram!
Do you want to add piercing to photo to see how it would be like in case you decide to get one for real? Or you need a tattoo yourself app to get inked and prank your friends? Tattoo and Piercing Salon is just a perfect app for you! Now you can add “tattoo and piercing” in only one salon! All you need is an Android™ smartphone or tablet, a bit of creativity, and tattoo software and piercing photo booth will do the rest. With the creative “photo stickers” from this fake salon, your picture montage will look so real that everyone will think that it is true! Get a complete facial or body makeover in this simple “piercing studio”, pierce your belly button, eyebrow, tongue, nose, whichever part you want! Spice your look with free tattoos from this salon app, and your “photo editing” is done!
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Grab your new picture editing software and exploit all the possibilities it offers to you. Whether you want to create piercing pictures or tattoos photos, it doesn't matter, because this free picture editor can fulfill your wishes in an instant! Better than all the caption writers for adding text on pics, collage makers and other girly apps, this “Tattoo and Piercing Salon” allows you to be cool and fancy. What is better than a “piercing salon” and “tattoo salon” in one? Get a temporary tatoo free of charge and pain! Use this fake piercing photo editor to attach some fancy jewelry to your face or body. So many ideas for “body piercing pictures” and “tattoo photos” wait for you in this photo editor, download it now and have fun for hours!
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Hurry up and download our new piercing photo editor which also has tattoo ideas, and you will instantly forget about piercing games and picture editing sites which offer you various photo effects, but not true tatoo art. This tattoo editor is designed with much care, consisting of many “tattoo designs for men” and women, tatoo ideas and also piercing jewelry. What are you waiting for? Download Tattoo and Piercing Salon this instant, start your makeover and get a completely new look!